First Step To 6-Pack Abs-Lose Your Belly Fat

Published: 02nd October 2008
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Yes! You can have 6-pack abs, but if you're like a lot of people who decide they want to have rock hard abs, those abs are covered by a layer of fat. Exercises like crunches, situps or using an ab machine will give the abs you're looking for, but only after you get rid of the belly fat. Those exercises are not going to help you lose the fat. The only way you will lose that fat is to eat fewer calories than you burn every day.

Don't try to lose weight with what are commonly called "health foods". Many of them are just disguised junk foods and will probably make you gain more than you lose. Anybody that tells you that you can lose weight by eating the same number of calories or more of their food and not having to exercise more than you do now is just flat lying to you.

Another lie you should be wary of is the "fat burning" pills or supplements, because they don't work unless you do some serious exercise and watching what you eat along with them. Another waste of money is the ab machines you see on TV. Most of the models demonstrating those machines didn't get those bodies from using the machine, but instead from real workouts and a good nutrition regimen.

While cardio exercises help get rid of the fat by burning calories they are not the primary way to get rid of the belly fat. A complete workout program and reduction of calories is the best way to lose that belly fat. You should lift weights every other day followed by a cardio workout. On the days you don't lift weights do some fun cardio such as skin diving, playing tennis, competitive running or something similar. A good time to do a cardiovascular workout is when you get up in the morning as the body will use fat reserves for energy because you'll have nothing in your stomach. Lifting weights or using a weight machine will help you develop muscles which burn more calories even while you're resting. If you only do cardio you'll lose whatever muscle mass you may have built up in the past.

Metabolism is what burns the fat and its best to keep it steady. The way to do this is by eating small meals 4 or 5 times a day. Combined with a little bit of exercise your metabolism will work at peak efficiency. While you're at work try to have some nuts or fruit handy and skip that heavy lunch.

Increasing the amount of fiber you eat each day is important to your nutritional needs. Starting out eating fiber at breakfast and eat it all through the day. Cereal with fruit for breakfast , fruit, vegetables or nuts during the day with a fiber heavy sandwich for lunch and more vegetables for dinner with some fruit or yogurt for an after dinner snack should give you an adequate amount of fiber.

You must eat breakfast because it is too valuable a meal to miss. Often missing breakfast will not only messes up your mental functions but can cause you to eat a large lunch, which can slow you down all afternoon. People who say they don't have time for breakfast should get up 15 minutes earlier or at least grab a high fiber breakfast bar on the way out.

Cut down on the size of your dinner and compensate by eating a salad and drinking a glass of water before you sit down to eat dinner. I also find that riding my stationary bike for 15 minutes before I eat and taking a walk after helps my metabolism.

Drinking water is one of the more important things you can do to lose weight. The normal recommended amount is 8 glasses a day which sounds like a lot, but tea can be substituted for part of it, especially green tea which can increase your metabolism and burn a few more calories. Sometimes when you feel hungry after a meal it's because you may be just thirsty.

Most diets are slanted toward fat-free with high-carbohydrates, which is the wrong way to approach a diet.

Because the body burns carbohydrates first you should be eating a low-carbohydrate diet so the body burns the fat that you eat first and then the stored fat gets burned. Eating the right food is one of the most effective way of shedding pounds of fat from the body.

Quit eating saturated fat because it loaded with calories that are tough to burn off. This means you'll have to stay out of fast food or other places that have a lot of saturated fat in their meals. Eat a salad if you find yourself in one with friends.

If you follow the above suggestions you'll lose that belly fat before you know it and then you can start getting serious about developing your 6-Pack abs.


6-Pack Abs

6-Pack Abs

Lose Belly Fat

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